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Rancho Mirage Neighborhoods

Synonymous with luxurious resort-style living, Rancho Mirage has long been the playground of presidents and hosted from world-class entertainers to revered American presidents. And this is all with good reason.

Rancho Mirage is home to upscale and exclusive golf resorts and country clubs, as well as Coachella Valley’s only five-star accommodation: Ritz-Carlton. Day spas, critically acclaimed restaurants, state-of-the-art facilities, and gated golf and tennis communities attract seasoned travelers who long to be under Rancho Mirage’s blue skies.

History of Rancho Mirage

Incorporated in 1973, Rancho Mirage began as a rural community and blossomed into a luxury oasis for the wealthy and the influential after the Second World War. Many influential names, such as philanthropists Walter and Leonen Annenberg of the Annenberg Estate (Sunnylands), built resort-style abodes in the city.

Following the increasing popularity of Rancho Mirage, more investors came and developed the attractions that would help transform the city as we know it today. This includes many of Rancho Mirage’s golf courses, the Ague Caliente Resort and Casino, and the city’s collection of exclusive gated communities.

Today, Rancho Mirage is home to a relatively small population, with the city having approximately 18,100 year-round residents. Peace, relaxation, and the experience of living a unique desert resort lifestyle in beautiful, architectural homes await.

Real estate and property types in Rancho Mirage

Many renowned architects, particularly of the modern, contemporary, and ranch movements found Rancho Mirage their ideal canvas. This brought forth an abundance of architectural gems in the city’s many gated country club communities. For example, there are many great examples of mid-century modern architectural estates in both Thunderbird and Tamarisk Country Clubs.

Notable architects who built abodes in the city include William Krisel, Holden and Johnson, Lance Oddonel, and William F. Cody. They were heavily inspired by the beauty of Rancho Mirage’s desert surroundings and incorporated indoor-outdoor living.

Many of these architecturally significant homes are located in Rancho Mirage’s finest gated communities, such as Thunderbird Heights, Thunderbird Country Club, Mirada Estates, and Tamarisk Country Club. Thunderbird holds an esteemed place among these country clubs, being the first one of its kind.

Living in Rancho Mirage

Luxury homes for sale in Rancho Mirage, CA

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