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It takes vision to know what select clients want

Their success comes from a unique approach to the market and complete dedication to client needs. An unparalleled level of service and round-the-clock commitment has been exemplified by connecting client criteria to their perfect residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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7 Echo Lane in Rancho Mirage - For Sale

April 12, 2023 | TTK Represents

Become a part of the most recent authentic desert architectural communities. Designed by Sean Lockyer and Studio ARD 7 Echo Lane, Rancho Mirage, CA for sale. Designed by Sean Lockyer and Studio ARD Past the gates, this nine-residence enclave unfolds in long, clean lines, time-honored natural textures, and highly original forms. Contemporary thoughts in the field of architecture combined with traditional materials and construction methods in a fresh, new “bold world architecture” built to be savored without categorization. Echo confidently exemplifies the next generation of superior/classic architecture for the fashion-forward desert lifestyle. 7 Echo Lane offers unparalleled indoor-outdoor living and... more

The Future of Joshua Tree & High Desert

February 11, 2023 | TTK Represents

5156 Benji Ave, Joshua Tree California "future Present" by Brooke Hodge Films such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, among many others, promised us a dynamic, dramatic vision of the future. On film, the future was both more real and more surreal. Interiors were stark, minimal, and high-tech, and characters wore monochromatic clothing that resembled uniforms. The future portrayed was often dystopic and slightly menacing, yet we were mesmerized and intrigued by it. The twenty-first century beckoned. And it was alluring. Now that we’re two decades into the twenty-first century and living in that future, architecture... more

Todd's Whiskey Sour

January 28, 2023 | TTK Represents

A classic drink recipe for lounging by the pool or to impress friends Throughout my childhood, my mother ordered a whiskey sour to begin any meal dining out. More than 1/2 the time, they were sent back for being too sweet or too sour. It became an entertaining part of every meal. As I grew older and developed my own opinions on cocktails, I was determined to make a whiskey sour that passed the harshest critic….Mom. I wanted to learn more about the well-known drink as I figured out how to perfect it. Interestingly the whiskey sour's first written recipe... more

Who was Ruth Adler Schnee, and why am I writing about her?

January 17, 2023 | TTK Represents

Ruth was a textile designer in the mid-century who recently died at the fantastic age of 99. That is one reason to celebrate her. Another is her contribution to modern textile design. Ruth Adler Schnee was an emigre from Europe in the late '30's and went to Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook in Detroit. She settled in Detroit and opened a design firm concentrating on textiles and interior design work for clients. The rise of the automobile industry with its new emphasis on interior design for cars, fueled new technologies and materials for textiles. Schnee saw all this... more

Vista Las Palmas - A Great Place to Live. A Great Place to Give.

January 14, 2023 | TTK Represents

Discretely nestled west of the Palm Springs Uptown Design District and beyond the western border of Old Las Palmas, Vista Las Palmas is one of the most highly coveted neighborhoods in Palm Springs. An authentic SoCal suburban neighborhood, masterfully planned by the Alexander Company in the 1950s with homes designed by architects William Krisel and Charles DuBois. The avenues and circles of this community are protected by the stunning and striking vistas of Mt. San Jacinto, providing a “mountain front” feel. Many of the homes in Vista Las Palmas remain in the original families, passed down through generations. Mid-Century modern... more

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