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Palm Springs Real Estate

The sun rises and sets in Palm Springs

For decades, Palm Springs has attracted a mélange of personalities, from the forerunners of the Rat Pack in the 1950s and 1960s to the most respected of presidents and delegates. What was it that attracted such a diverse group of people to this city?

Is it the overwhelming natural beauty of the place? The carpets of lush greens interlaced with the browns and oranges of the arid Coachella Valley, with the occasional splashes of turquoise from well-maintained pools? Is it the exclusive country clubs that have sprouted across the region? Perhaps it’s because of Palm Spring’s day spas, offering luxury and relaxation?

The answer is: Palm Springs has everything, and more.

71049 Early Times Road is a 1957 mid-century modern home designed by renowned Desert Modern architects Donald Wexler and Richard Harrison.
71049 Early Times Road, Rancho Mirage CA – Sold By TTK Represents in 2023. Early Times is a 1957 mid-century modern home designed by renowned Desert Modern architects Donald Wexler and Richard Harrison.

The finest mid-century, luxury, and architectural homes in the country

Palm Springs’ eclectic modern architectural delights, heavily inspired by a new lifestyle movement and the region’s beauty, has captured the imaginations of many. Today, the city is the subject of renewed interested and vigor. This renaissance has resulted to the restoration (and upgrade) of many of these highly sought-after homes.

Welcome to our playground. We are TTK Represents, a small group of real estate specialists passionate about Palm Springs art, culture, lifestyle, and architecture. We would love to present to you the best of Palm Springs real estate, from its historical properties to its celebrity mansions, luxury properties, and modern estates.

About the team

TTK Represents is composed of seven real estate experts knowledgeable in Palm Springs real estate, particularly in the city’s storied collection of architectural and luxury residences, as well as desert celebrity estates including Cary Grant’s and Dinah Shore’s. Together, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry, with over 500 homes sold at an estimated total value of over $600 million.

TTK Represents of Compass palm Springs team photo
TTK Represents of Compass Palm Springs – Team Photo (Right to left) Todd Monaghan, Keith Markovitz, Scott Ankersen, Rick Distel, Chris Menrad.

We pride ourselves for being deeply attuned to the needs of our clients, always making sure to go beyond 100% in customer service. We understand that buying and selling a home are deeply personal experiences, and so we strive to deliver the best kind of real estate service possible in Palm Springs.

Read more about our team here.

Modern architecture exemplified

Clean lines, authentic designs, and materials of the best quality– these are some of the features you will find in Palm Springs real estate. Hollywood celebrities and politicians weren’t the only ones who spent their days in Palm Springs, some of the most prominent modern architects of the country roamed around the city as well.

These architects have left hand- and footprints all over the Coachella Valley in the form of an eclectic assortment of residential real estate. Mid-century modern, Ranch, Spanish Colonial and Revival, and other architectural styles converge in this oasis.

Mid-century modern excellence

Several things have come to define Palm Springs, from arts and culture to luxurious and uber-exclusive country clubs. Undeniably, mid-century modern architecture is part of the city’s DNA. Scattered around Palm Springs, these mid-century modern homes are some of the most coveted real estate properties in Southern California.

Read more about the architects who shaped Palm Springs’ mid-century modern identity here.

Palm Springs Luxury Real Estate

Palm Springs real estate offers some of the most spectacular luxury homes in the country, taking the unique desert living experience in the Coachella Valley to its apex. Ranging from historically significant estates to hallowed celebrity manses in the valley’s most attractive communities, Palm Springs’ luxury homes are unlike any other.

Our website is your go-to resource about Palm Springs and mid-century modern real estate. Experience our favorite communities from wherever you are through our comprehensive area guides. If you would like to find the current data regarding short term rental restrictions click here. Let us know if you would like help analyzing or capitalizing on the new short term rental market restrictions the city council has imposed or you would like more information on the current market conditions.



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