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Nosegay textile by Ruth Adler Schnee

Who was Ruth Adler Schnee, and why am I writing about her?

TTK Represents | January 17, 2023

Ruth was a textile designer in the mid-century who recently died at the fantastic age of 99. That is one reason to celebrate her. Another is her contribution to modern textile design. Ruth Adler Schnee was an emigre from Europe in the late '30...

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ECHO at Rancho Mirage

TTK Represents | February 18, 2019

An exclusive nine home enclave located in Rancho Mirage, California. Modern luxury designed by renowned architect Sean Lockyer of Studio AR&D - Spring 2019 - Located at Ginger Rogers and Bob Hope. Pricing from $1,950,000. Visit ht...

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Look at Us Now!

TTK Represents | April 22, 2018

We love great architecture and design, and we’ve redesigned the TTK Represents website to share this passion with you. Palm Springs and the wide-open California desert offer a world of possibilities for people like us — those who appreci...

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